Rare Sci Fi on DVD from Warner Archives: Starman The Complete Series, The Quatermass Xperiment, and More

By | February 24, 2013

Some Rare Cult Sci Fi and Fantasy on DVD from Warner Archives:

Starman: The Complete Series

In this TV follow-up to the feature film, the alien (Robert Hays, Airplane!) returns to Earth 14 years after his first visit. Taking on the identity of Paul Forrester, a dead freelance photographer, he succeeds in finding the son he fathered, Scott (Young Artist Award nominee Christopher Daniel Barnes, The Brady Bunch Movie), but learns that Scott and his mother have been separated. Together they search for her, but they’re hounded by a paranoid and malevolent government agent (Michael Cavanaugh, The Haunting). 5-Disc 22-Episode Collection. Newly remastered. 

Quatermass Xperiment, The (aka The Creeping Unknown)

Professor Bernard Quatermass is in charge of a manned rocket mission that has gone awry. They lost contact with the spaceship at one point and have no idea how far into space it may have traveled. When the rocket crash lands in a farmer’s field they find that only one of the three occupants, Victor Carroon, is on board; the others have simply vanished. Slowly, the surviving astronaut begins to transform into a hideous creature and Quatermass realizes that Carroon may have been infected by an alien being. When Carroon escapes from the hospital with the help of his unsuspecting wife, the authorities race to destroy it before it multiplies. (IMDb.com)

Incredible Melting Man

Colonel Steve West arrives back from a trip to view the Earth from the rings of Saturn only to find that He’s started melting.Distraught,He consoles himself by dining on the nearest nurse before running off into th woods to graze on the local populace.His best chum Dr Ted Nelson agonizes over Steves plight and the absence of any crackers in his house,a NASA General eats his last turkey leg.Steve eats a few more people including Teds lemon-scrumping in-laws.The local police shoot Ted for the hell of it,Steve melts into a pool of slop and is scraped off the floor.Atchka!  (IMDb.com)

Creatures The World Forgot

Set in the Stone Age, with almost no dialogue — people speak in grunts, a tribe of cavemen, specifically a pair of twin brothers, become rivals for the leadership of the tribe following the impact of a devastating earthquake.

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