New in Comics: Eerie Comics #1, The Crow #1, and Space Punisher #1

By | July 10, 2012

A few choice selections from the comics due out July 11th:

Eerie Comics #1
Dark Horse

Description: Uncle Creepy’s been having all the fun in Dark Horse’s revival of classic Warren magazines, so now it’s Cousin Eerie’s turn! The terrifying treasury of sinister sci-fi and fearsome fantasy returns with two all-new stories to thrill and chill, plus a classic reprint! First up is a dose of robotic paranoia from red-hot writer/artist David Lapham, followed by way-too-close encounters from Creepy veteran Christopher Taylor! Your trip to the comics store is about to get a lot more horrifying!

*All-new frights!

*Featuring star writer/artist David Lapham (The Strain, Stray Bullets)!

*Presented in glorious, ghoulish black-and-white!

By: David Lapham, Christopher Taylor, Rafa Garres, David Lapham, Jim Pavelec

The Crow #1

Description: THE CROW is reborn-in Tokyo. Can a dark spirit fight for the light? THE CROW has always done just that-striking from the shadows, a kind of shadow himself.

The spirit of the Crow is back, transfiguring Jamie Osterberg, an American studying in Tokyo and deeply in love with his Japanese girlfriend, Yumi . . . until the love of his life is stolen.

The Crow must once more make the wrong thing right-but this time he might have to do it by killing his own true love.

By:  John Shirley, Kevin Colden, Ashley Wood

Space Punisher #1 (of 4)
Marvel Comics

Description: Punishment is a dish best served-in Space! Frank Castle shoots his way through the criminal hierarchy of outer spacestarting with the Sym-Brood-ant Queen! From Frank Tieri, writer of Marvel vs. Capcom and Punisher: Noir and gorgeously painted by Mark Texeira (Punisher War Journal, Ghost Rider).

By: Frank Tieri, Mark Texeira

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